63rd Annual
MCA Conference

September 22-24, 2015
Billings, MT

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News Updates

- We have lots of great courses planned including Trauma, Human Trafficking, MATIC, Prison Brake and Much More. Stay Tuned for Details.

- This year's conference will be in Billings, MT and we have tons of great stuff planned.


Participants will learn about the stages of brain development, identify how trauma impacts brain development, gain a deeper understanding of how to address developmental gaps caused by trauma and apply this understanding in correctional facilities, learn strategies to engage with children/youth/adults who have been traumatized at the appropriate developmental level, practice interventions that are trauma-informed, identify secondary trauma responses and how to cope with these responses, and develop a self-care plan.

MATIC, Gangs & Drugs

*SWORN IN PERSONNEL ONLY (i.e. P&P Officers, Correction Officers, Detention Officers, Sworn In Investigators, Law Enforcement, etc.)

More information to follow

Prison Brake

This course is designed to give real life practical advice and activities that can be used in classrooms in all institutions for all ages and abilities. The advice and activities are evidence based and proven to help all students (especially title one students) achieve to their maximum potential and avoid prison. With early intervention, community outreach, parent involvement, professional development and targeted instruction.

Fatigue to Fulfillment

This course is designed for the student to address psychological challenges experienced by correctional employees due to workplace stressors and ways to overcome them. The course then proceeds to describe useful and effective self-care tools as well as organizational strategies that optimize employee well-being and help create and sustain a positive organizational climate..

Social Media

The goal of this course is designed to inform staff of the impact social medial has in their personal lives as well as their professional careers. Students will know the differences in the use of social media, what professionalism means, discuss the negative effects misusing social media can have in their personal lives and professional careers, and review their policy(s) regarding social media.